Dark Web's Deadly Offer: Botnets at an Unbeatable Price

The Dark Web marketplace provides various options, including one-time purchases, subscriptions, and rentals, enabling hackers to easily acquire tools for cyberattacks.
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"Botnets can be controlled remotely to perform various types of cyberattacks," she said.

For cybercriminals on a budget, leaked botnet source code offers a cheaper alternative. This source code is often available for free or at a nominal fee. However, these pre-built botnets come with a significant drawback: they are easier for security solutions to detect, making them a riskier choice for attackers.
Subscription Model
For those who prefer a more flexible approach, botnets are available for hire on a subscription basis. Depending on the botnet’s capabilities, monthly rental rates range from $30 to $4,800. This model allows cybercriminals to access powerful botnets without the need for a significant upfront investment.

"The potential profits from botnet-powered attacks, such as ransomware and illegal cryptocurrency mining, can easily justify these costs,"
Kaspersky highlights that the availability and affordability of botnets on the dark web underscore the escalating threat they pose to both individuals and organizations. To mitigate these risks, Kaspersky advises organizations to utilize threat intelligence services to identify potential attack vectors and deploy robust endpoint security solutions.

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