Virginia Department of Elections Database Possibly Hacked, Appears on Dark Web


A serious security incident has affected the Virginia Department of Elections, resulting in the unauthorized release of a large election database. The attack, claimed by a user known as IntelBroker, was made public on an online on Dark Web dedicated to data breaches.

Incident Details

Reports indicate that the compromised database contained extensive information about electors. IntelBroker, the user claiming responsibility for the breach, revealed that the database had previously been sold on the forum. However, they decided to make it public to prevent further misuse by new accounts engaging in fraudulent activities. Currently, the accuracy of this information cannot be confirmed, as the Virginia Department of Elections has not issued an official press release regarding the incident on their website.

Compromised Data

The leaked database contains a total of 60k+  rows of data, with details including:

  • Candidate ID:
  • Name of the candidate:
  • Party: Party preference
  • WriteInVote:
  • Place code:
  • Place name:
  • Precinct ID:
  • Precinct name:
  • District ID:
  • DistrictType:
  • District name:
  • Office ID:
  • Office title:
  • Election ID:
  • Election type:
  • Election date:
  • Election name:
  • number of seats:

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